2024 Main Street Iowa Challenge Grant

Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants are available for brick and mortar building projects that contribute to the development of designated Main Street Iowa districts. Highly competitive applications include:

  • Impactful building rehabilitation projects that provide increased business, housing or job opportunities.
  • Projects that incorporate quality design and preservation-based strategies.
  • Projects that support local revitalization efforts and stimulate additional district investment.
  • Projects that are well planned and achievable within the two-year grant contract period.

Project Eligibility

Eligible Projects

  • Building Rehabilitation, including, but not limited to:
    • Facade improvements (front, rear, and side)
    • Interior Rehabilitation (first floor commercial and upper story housing)
    • Structural repairs and building system improvements
    • Single specific phase of a large rehab. The project must have a specific defined focus and clearly identified scope of work, with commitment to future phases demonstrated.
  • Impactful improvements to multiple properties with a common need. Properties must be contiguous and have common ownership.

Ineligible Projects

  • Projects involving public government buildings or religious facilities; building demolition or deconstruction, or first floor storefront residential (including short term / overnight lodging)

Program Details

  • Maximum grant awards will be $100,000. Minimum grant awards will be no less than $25,000
  • A 1:1 match is required. In-kind contributions are permitted for no more than 35% of the project match. In-kind match must be documented, professional services.
  • Building project must be located within the local Main Street District boundaries as of January 1, 2024
  • The local Main Street program must be the grant applicant on behalf of the property owner(s). Only one application per local Main Street program is allowed.
  • Application are available online at Iowagrants.gov

Application Timeline

June 24, 2024Grant Opportunity Opens
August 9th, 2024HCV Grant Application Due
September 6, 2024Grant Application Due
November 7, 2024Award Announcement


Consult with Brian (Brian@hilltopcampusvillage.org) regarding application requirements, selection process details and program deadlines.

Questions regarding program eligibility and applications can be directed to Sarah Lembke, Design Coordinator, at sara.lembke@iowaeda.com or 515.348.6181.

Additional Grant Information and Resources