2024 Hilltop Campus Village Annual Meeting Video

Vision Statement:

Hilltop Campus Village district, an historic commercial and residential area designated by Main Street Iowa, will continue efforts to re-establish itself as a vibrant area offering community services, shopping, dining, entertainment, and living options.  The preservation of historic properties and improvement of buildings in and near its multiple historic neighborhoods, will continue to make the area more attractive, secure and livable, restoring civic pride in the district.

Through interactive partnerships, the district will celebrate and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion, attracting and retaining a population living and working in the district, helping making its businesses financially stable and its neighborhoods safe and secure, providing both employment and a broader property  tax base (the better to direct public resources for infrastructure improvements.

The diverse educational, cultural and spiritual offerings in the district enhance its inclusive nature which, together with its safe an progressive transportation systems make it inviting for both pedestrians and bicyclists, and public and private transport. The revitalized mixed-use neighborhoods in this district will be family-friendly, clean and alive diverse activities and excitement.     

Mission Statement:

Preserve, Restore, Redevelop and Revitalize the confines of the Hilltop Campus Village  Main Street Iowa district in Davenport, so as to enhance the diversity, equity and inclusion of its population, among small business owners and employees, residents, property owners and organizations, and to sustain its Historic, Cultural and Economic environment.

The Hilltop Campus Village is certified as a 501c3 not for profit corporation, exempt from Federal income Tax per the Internal Revenue Code. As such, contributions to the Hilltop Campus Village are tax deductible. The Hilltop Campus Village is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts. Individuals, corporations of other entities seeking additional information may contact the Hilltop Campus Village offices at 563 322 8293. Our Executive Director, Brian Kramer, can also be reached at brian@hilltopcampusvillage.org.