Kirkwood Cleanup planned for April 4

Even though last weekend’s Corridor Cleanup was cancelled due to Winter forgetting that it is supposed to be over, a cleanup day along Kirkwood Boulevard is still happening this Saturday!
Kirkwood Cleanup
Meetup Location: Intersection of Bridge Street & Kirkwood Blvd
Date: Sunday, April 2, 2023
Time: 8:00 – 11:00 am
Additional Information from the event’s point of contact, Andrew Lutz:

  • If you are able, please plan to arrive at 8:00 am at the Meetup Location for a quick kickoff briefing before we start.
  • You do not need to volunteer the entire time – we appreciate however much you can offer!
  • If you are driving to the event, please consider carpooling with others as parking may be limited.
  • Everyone will receive garbage bags to use.
  • A limited number of gloves and tongs will be available to borrow. Please bring gloves if you are able.
  • Full garbage bags, and large items that do not fit in bags will be picked up by volunteers within our group (not DPW) at the end of the event. Please place groups of bags at any major intersection along the route so that these bags can be picked up easily.
  • Please return any borrowed items before you leave.
  • Please wear brightly colored clothing.
  • Do not attempt to remove any sharp/dangerous objects such as broken glass.
  • Do not go onto private property to remove litter.
    We will continue the effort until 11:00 am or until we’ve covered the length from Jersey Ridge to Brady, whichever comes first.
    For additional information, please email Andrew at andrewlutz19@yahoo.com.