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Hilltop Campus Village, a Main Street Iowa Urban commercial district, is re-establishing itself as a vibrant area offering culture, education, shopping, dining and entertainment. The preservation of historic properties, together with the improvement of buildings, redevelopment of vacant sites and upgrading of infrastructure are making the district more attractive, secure and livable, helping to restore civic pride in the area and in surrounding neighborhoods.

Through interactive partnerships and the help of committed volunteers, the HCV district is attracting and retaining a diverse population, making it more financially stable and sustainable, and helping businesses and organizations create employment opportunities. In addition to its unique commercial offerings, its educational, cultural and religious institutions make it a destination within walking and biking distance for students, residents and visitors. We are witnessing a revitalizing, mixed-use neighborhood that is more family-friendly, cleaner and safer, and alive with activities.

The Hilltop Campus Village (boundaries in bold)