Hilltop Receives $20k from SCRA

[November 20, 2023] – The Hilltop Campus Village is excited to announce that it received $20,000 from the Scott County Regional Authority for the ongoing renovation of its Hilltop Campus VIllage offices.  

In 2021, through a gift from Ascentra Credit Union,it received its current office building with plans to renovate and market the space as a non-profit and small business incubator space.  The 1st phase of those plans is now being realized through multiple grants through the Scott County Regional Authority ($20k), the Regional Development Authority ($55k), and through the Community Foundation of the Quad Cities ($9,700).

Phase 1 of the renovation will convert the former bank lobby into a  meeting area where board meetings and workshops can be hosted.  Through the Community Foundation grant, the HCV has already upgraded its technology offerings to host such activities in the future. Additionally the HCV is hoping that with current funds that it will be able to rehab the bathrooms into an ADA compliant bathroom, and to remodel and update the kitchen area.    

The goal of this project is to create affordable office space for a new entrepreneur or nonprofit needing facilities.  Rejuvenate Housing is currently also housed in the building and is using it as a base of operations as it moves forward with the goal of creating affordable new housing in the central area of Davenport.  

“The Hilltop Campus Village is excited to move forward with this project.  For years the HCV was without a permanent home, and that put a strain on the organization.  With this investment from SCRA, and other partners, we can create that space where we can support our local small business owners and our surrounding neighborhood.  We have already started doing that by opening our doors to such organizations like Rejuvenate Housing, the Small Business Development Center, and the East Bluff Neighborhood Association.  We are excited for the future of the Hilltop” said Executive Director Brian Kramer. 

For more information about the project and the organization, please contact Brian Kramer at Brian@hilltopcampusvillage.org.