Ambrosians Help Out In the Hilltop

Friday, August 18th, the Freshman class at St. Ambrose University did helped out area nonprofits in assisting with needed projects. When I was approached earlier in July, I could only think of the overgrown alley way in the 300 block of 16th St. that has not been maintained in several years.

Currently the city owns these parking spots. Over the years, someone has put in landscaping so that it includes pollinator plants like Mint, Milkweed, and Onion plants that clearly the local bees absolutely love considering the swarm that grazes on it.

Fourteen St. Ambrose students helped in cutting down Mulberry trees, weeding the pollinator garden, pulling Crab Grass and Creeping Charlie out of the sidewalk cracks, and generally cleaning up trash and lawn debris that had accumulated in the area.

You can read more about here at WQAD. THANKS ST. AMBROSSE!